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At SIB Societą Italiana Brevetti we specialise in intellectual property only, from protection to enforcement.

Constant involvement in the intellectual property legislative process both at national and European level, added to participation in major European and international intellectual property organizations, gives SIB unequalled insight into intellectual property law developments, and early awareness of new trends in the practice.

A wider perspective of intellectual property is what adds value to our solutions, making SIB a European leader in IP protection and enforcement.

Apr 13, 2016
When is counterfeiting also unfair competition? The Milan district court?s ruling in Thun
In a case involving imitations of the well-known Thun ceramic gift items, the Milan district court holds that the continual and systematic imitation of Thun's business choices and initiatives, coupled with the reproduction of the elements of its designs that enable the public to recognise them as originating from that company, amounts to unfair competition as well as counterfeiting of registered designs and copyrights.
Apr 01, 2016
Italian Supreme Court rules on consumers' right of refund for unwanted preinstalled software
The Italian Supreme Court has confirmed that the buyer of a PC who does not accept the terms of the license for preinstalled software has the right to be refunded of the software's price.
Mar 11, 2016
SIB receives 2016 Italy firm of the year MIP award for IP prosecution
Societą Italiana Brevetti received the Italy firm of the year 2016 award for IP prosecution last night at the Managing Intellectual Property Global Awards event in London.
Feb 29, 2016
Unified Patent Court Preparatory Committee publishes court fees
There will be no cost associated with opting out of the UPC's jurisdiction, and a 40% discount on court fees for micro and small enterprises.