Terms of use of the SibOnline Portal

  1. General Provisions and Definitions

    1. The following Terms of Use (hereafter, "the Terms") govern the use of the services offered (hereafter "the Service") through the portal "SIBonline" (hereafter, "the Portal") available at the electronic address sibonline.it, owned by SocietÓ Italiana Brevetti S.p.A. with offices in Rome Piazza di Pietra, 39, tel.: +39 06-695441, fax: +39 06 69544810, e- mail: [email protected] (hereinafter "SIB" or "the Company").

    2. For the purposes of these Terms, the terms listed below are to be understood as meaning:

      • Intellectual property rights: the www.sibonline.it domain, software, drawings and other information, trade secrets, copyrights and know-how, as well as trademarks, including service marks, registered and de facto, logos, trade names and related applications, domain names;

      • Confidential Information: all information that will be communicated, in any form and by any means, between the parties, or of which they have become aware of, that are considered as such by the parties, as well as all company information and technical-industrial experiences, including commercial and administrative ones, subject to the legitimate control of the parties, where this information is secret, in the sense that it is not in its entirety or in the precise configuration and combination of its elements generally known or easily accessible to experts and operators in the sector, expressly including Know-how, invoices, price lists and economic conditions offered by the Company;

      • Portal: The website that can be consulted by Visitors and that allows Users to make use of the Services, subject to these Terms, provided by the Company;

      • Service: all the services offered through the Portal;

      • User: the natural person employed by, or collaborator of, the client or potential client company who accesses the Portal after logging in with the authentication credentials to use the Services;

      • Visitor: the person interested in the Portal Services who does not have the credentials needed to log in.

    3. The Company reserves the right to modify the Terms at any time and any new rules will be considered effective and binding as of their publication on the Portal.

    4. The general provisions and definitions referred to in this article form an integral part of these Terms.

  2. Service

    1. Services offered within the portal have a dual purpose:

      • "consultation": Users will be able to freely access all the documents relating to their contractual relationship with the Company;

      • "operation": Users, according to the procedures detailed in art. 3, will be able to organize, search, select, extract, print data and documents relating to the pre-contractual or contractual relationship with the Company through the Portal.

  3. How to use and activate the service

    1. Visitors will be able to freely browse the Portal. However, for use of the Services Visitors are required to register in advance on the Portal.

    2. Registration on the Portal by Visitors implies entering authentication credentials that will be communicated in advance and exclusively by the Company. For further information on the processing of data, please refer to the extended information available at the following link Privacy policy

    3. Visitors wishing to access the Portal Services must contact the Company by clicking here.

    4. Users recognize that the Company has the right to:

      • decide which data and / or documents to publish within the Portal;

      • order data and / or documents that the Company will decide to publish on the Portal in an unquestionable manner;

      • remove, at any time and also partially, the previously published data and / or documents.

    5. Decisions under art. 3.3 cannot be negotiated by the User nor can they be subject to appeal.

  4. User Obligations

    1. By accepting these Terms, the User undertakes to refrain from:

      • making use the Services provided through the Portal in ways that are improper or contrary to the provisions of the Law and regulations and to the rules of ethics and good use of network services (so-called "Netiquette");

      • claiming any right on the contents on the Portal not inherent to its contractual position and consequently to assume full responsibility for any unauthorized use and for the failure to comply with any provision of Law n. 633/1941 and subsequent amendments ("Copyright Law" and / or "CL");

      • publishing, reproducing, transcribing, duplicating, distributing, modifying or communicating, without having the right to do so, material protected by copyright, Confidential and / or confidential Information which may alter the market, generally respecting any provision of CL.

    2. By accepting these Terms, Users also declare and guarantee that they will refrain from:

      • uploading viruses or harmful codes, or doing anything that can disable, overload or prevent the correct functioning of the Portal;

      • sharing and / or communicating the authentication credentials received by the Company to any third party;

      • allowing any natural and/or legal person operating directly and/or indirectly in the same market as the Company to access and/or view the Portal.

  5. Changes in Service

    1. The Company reserves the right to temporarily suspend or interrupt, also permanently, at any time and without notice, the provision of the Service, as well as the right to permanently remove or modify at any time any content or other information present on the Portal; this does not imply any assumption of responsibility by the Company.

    2. The Company reserves the right to suspend and / or interrupt, also without notice, the Service due to maintenance or updating of its own, or third-party service provider, IT systems.

  6. Limitation of Liability

    1. The Company, assuming no responsibility for the data and information contained within the documents, does not guarantee that the same:

      • are free from errors;

      • are correct, complete, congruous or truthful.

    2. Failure to publish one or more data and / or documents within the Portal does not determine any liability for the Company, with the consequent exclusion of any claim for compensation claimed by the User.

    3. The Company is exempt from any liability in relation to potential direct and / or indirect damages caused by the interruption of services rendered on the Portal, attributable to unforeseeable and uncontrollable force majeure events deriving, by way of example and not limited to, blackouts or technical failures.

    4. The Company is exempt from any liability both in the event of anomalies and / or malfunctions caused by external agents (e.g. viruses, cyber attacks, etc.) and for any loss of Users data.

  7. Intellectual Property Rights

    1. Portal content such as texts, images and other material are the exclusive property of the Company and are protected by copyright law and intellectual and industrial property law, in accordance with current legislation on the matter.

    2. The brands and distinctive signs published on the Portal are owned by the Company and in any case use of the Service does not grant Users the right to use these brands and distinctive signs without the written authorisation of the legitimate owners.

    3. In no case do these Terms grant Users intellectual and industrial property rights in relation to the content of the Portal, except as provided for in the contractual relationship with the Company.

  8. Privacy policy and cookie Policy

    1. The Company has adopted a Privacy and Cookie Policy Statement for the use of the Portal. The documentation provided, to which reference is made in full, is to be considered an integral part of these Terms.

    2. By accepting these Terms, Users declare that they have read the documentation provided and fully accept it. For consultation, please visit the following page Privacy policy

  9. Miscellaneous

    1. These Terms constitute the only exclusive, existing, valid and effective agreement between the Company and the Users for the use of the Services through the Portal and repeal and replace any previous written or verbal understanding between them.

    2. Any changes or additions will be effective only if agreed and made in writing. Any nullity of one or more clauses of these Terms does not affect the validity of the same as a whole.

    3. Any tolerance of conduct carried out by one or both parties in violation of the provisions contained in these Terms does not constitute a waiver of the rights deriving from the violated provisions nor of the right to demand the exact fulfilment of the obligations and compliance with all the terms provided in the Terms themselves.

  10. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

    1. These Terms are subject to Italian law and the Court of Rome will have jurisdiction on any dispute deriving from use of the Service. Users requests for information or complaints and reports must be addressed to the Company at the e-mail address [email protected], and must bear in the subject line: "SIBonline".